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"Hope for the Journey"

“To travel hopefully is better than to have arrived.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

Welcome!  Join the journey, the quest, the path to discovery.  "Where The Road Leads" a place of hospitality – a welcome place – a place for those still on the journey – a place for “souljourners” on the paths of life.  Come, and hang your hat. Share your insights, your discoveries, your questions, your hurts.  Join a community of folks who may be struggling and unsure – but yet who are still traveling hopefully.

Come for a minute.  Stay a while.  One dying woman shared, “It's not what I am that bothers me, it’s what I never became that hurts.” Most of us can relate to her lament – and we do not want those same sentiments on our lips in our final moments.  Today is the time to become more, to be open to where the road leads – to hope for the journey.

Where the Road Leads (WTRL) is a place for people who are open to a new connection – with themselves, their friends and family, with the God who made them. Perhaps spirituality is simply listening to the nudges.  Most of us are on a spiritual quest that we express in a thousand different ways.  Coming onto this site allows us to pause for a bit – and to be refreshed; to reflect and to listen.
At WTRL people come together where we are – as seekers and adventurers – at least in our minds and souls.  We thirst for inspiration and we share nuggets of truth, some painfully tested in real life. We want to contribute, and to soak in; to offer, and to listen.  We travel in the world of planes, cars, bicycles, trails and sidewalks – but we sense - we sometimes know - that there is more, most often unseen, and we wonder…

Let’s inspire together.  Our mutual insights, exotic or mundane, provide a template for the creation of a life tapestry.  Let’s be hands on interactive - each sharing what talents and hopes that we have:  music, art, words, photography, challenges, discoveries, imaginations…

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We are frail humans, embodying the best and the worst – knowing in our gut that there is something spiritual going on, even if we cannot describe it – or do not even believe it.

As we begin this journey, we will often hear from Pastor John, co-founder of WTRL, intrepid bicycler, winsome friend, caring pastor, inspiring consultant.  His videos and written observations will be a consistent source of hope for the journey.  Pastor Mark, creative pastor, an insightful spiritual counselor, will answer and ask questions of life in his column “Mark my Words.” 

And, more importantly, YOU!  This site is open to any “souljourner” who has an openness to where the road leads.  Contact our volunteer staff at to offer your words, your adventures, your music, art, contributions or ideas. You may call or text Pastor John at 503-708-3799.  If possible, we will get you on the site!

WTRL is a new avenue of hope.  What it will be is yet to be determined.  We have begun with humility, unfettered hope and with a faith connection with the Lord of life. 

Holly Crispell
Holly Crispell was a primary inspiration in the development of the “WhereTheRoadLeads” website.  Holly was a visionary and trailblazer.  Her compassion and love of people, guided her well in whatever she pursued.  With a strong faith in Jesus Christ, she saw what life could be in the eyes of a living Lord, who is the embodiment of God’s amazing Grace.  When she believed in someone or a project, Holly was ready with ideas or problem solving skills and would dive in, headlong, not afraid to risk it all.  Her influence continues to inspire the lives of those who knew her and this website. We are thankful for having known her. 
                                        Holly will be greatly missed